Driving Productivity With Expert AR Automation

At Paperless Solutions, we are on a mission to help independently owned and operated NAPA Auto Parts stores nationwide achieve better, faster AR processes. How can Autovation AR transform the way you work?

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Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Keystrokes

Capture AR invoice and statement information with advanced, key-free indexing of fields. Your invoices will remain secure, easily searchable, and can be printed or emailed with just a few clicks. 

Configurable to Your Unique Needs and Requirements

Keep a digital log of statements without the need for constant scanning. You can maintain records for as long as you choose, whether it be three months, six months, a year or even more. The system is easily configurable to your business. 

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Which applies to you?

Big or small, local or spread far and wide, Paperless Solutions has the right solution to help your NAPA business thrive. Click below to learn more! 


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5+ stores


*All prices are per store, per month


“I don’t very cavalierly recommend Paperless Solutions. I have longtime customers that have loved their customer service - whenever they have a question, they can get on the phone and have it answered immediately. 

Compared to the resources that they have had available, Paperless’ reactionary approach to service is refreshing. On customer service alone, Paperless shines. Technology-wise, they are superior and have a great product that fits the bill in all respects while also being less expensive.”

Richie Dohoney
InterCap Control Company

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from our blog

Rejuvenating the Franchise: NAPA Auto Parts

With the right software and expertise, your organization can enjoy an electronic solution configured to your exact needs and requirements. Your process is unique to you - shouldn't your technology be, too?

The Benefits of Franchise Solutions

  • Track vital information such as sales returns, available liquid cash, profits, expenses, and deficits for the individual franchise outlets without the need for daily analysis
  • Scalable: Repeat your solution across multiple locations, expanding where needed
  • Replace outdated systems with limited or delayed access to technical support
  • Gain centralized, secure access to data and documents across business locations
  • Eliminate reliance on paper-based files and manual data entry
  • Faster processes means overall better service and happier customers

NAPA Auto Parts Puts Efficiency In Action

Between the struggles of COVID-19's impact on business and lackluster technical support from an initial software provider, The Parts Place in Lansing, Michigan was on the hunt for a new way to scan, manage and distribute invoices to customers. Long wait times for support meant that errors took ages to solve, slowing down the AR process and taking up valuable employee hours. With the help of Paperless Solutions' experienced Solution Architects, The Parts Place staff were able to implement a new AR solution based on our own configurable Newt workflow technology and the Square 9 Product Suite. When an order is received or purchase is made, the invoice is scanned into the database and a copy is automatically sent to the customer for payment. 

This translates to improved customer service and faster turnaround times on sales and completed payments. Not to mention, staff can now spend less time troubleshooting technical issues and focus on more business-critical tasks.